HD Gloss

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5571 - Creme Marquina

High Definition Gloss (HDG)

5572 - Grey Marquina

High Definition Gloss (HDG)

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High Definition Gloss Laminates that Exude Elegance

Create a premium appeal in homes, workspaces, shopping centers, public facilities and other spaces with High Definition Gloss (HDG) laminates from Greenlam. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we produce world-class high definition gloss laminate sheets that have been a favourite among architects, interior designers, developers and homeowners. As the leading manufacturer of laminates in India, we leave no stone unturned to ensure you get superlative quality without having to break the bank. Driven by passion and commitment to innovation, we have a long tradition of delivering exceptional artistry that clearly reflects in our range of high gloss laminate sheets.

Premium HD Gloss Laminates for Diverse Applications

Gorgeous to look at and easy to maintain, our high gloss laminate sheets come in a variety of grains, patterns and colors, suitable for diverse applications and environments.

Heavy-Use Spaces

Our high gloss laminates are resistant to stain, scuffs, impact and heat. These properties make them the perfect surfacing material for heavy-use commercial establishments such as shopping malls, hotels and other similar places.

Offices and Educational Institutions

The high gloss laminate sheets from Greenlam make the perfect surfacing material for offices and educational institutes, where they can be used to give a premium appeal to various furnishing elements such partitions, doors and furniture.

Residential and Commercial Kitchens

In addition to being an ideal surfacing material for virtually every furnishing element in a home, our HDG laminates, with antibacterial property, are particularly suitable for places prone to microbial growth, such as residential and commercial kitchens.

Let’s Talk HD Laminates!

As the leading manufacturer of gloss laminates in India, Greenlam strives to deliver world-class surfacing materials to our clients. Perfect for kitchens, countertops, cabinets, wall linings and table tops, our HD Gloss laminate sheets allow you to manifest ingenious designs and create interiors that simply stand out! Whether you are looking for high gloss laminates for kitchen or any other space, let us know your requirement by filling out our contact form, or write to us at info@greenlam.com.