Unicore laminates have exterior decorative surfaces and core layers that are of the same colour. They create a look of seamless uniformity without black edges that are associated with other laminate variants. The elegant homogenous look of Unicore laminates makes them a favourite for interior designs in commercial and residential projects. Greenlam Laminates offers top-quality unicore laminates that meet a range of international quality and manufacturing standards. In this blog, we are going to look at four advantages that make unicore laminates a great choice for commercial projects.

1. Uniform Colour without Dark Edges

Unicore laminates help achieve a seamless and uniform look. The laminate core and the decorative surface feature the same color. That is why the laminates do not produce dark edges and corners when installed. The uniform color over large surfaces is aesthetically pleasing, making unicore laminates an ideal choice for tabletops, conference rooms, spas, and commercial display shelves.

2. High Abrasion & Heat Resistance

Unicore laminates have melamine resins and multi-layered decorative paper that make them highly abrasion resistant. These sturdy laminates can handle heavy equipment, computers, and even heavy-duty kitchen appliances without showing any distress on the surfaces.

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3. Impact & Stain Resistance

Laminates can tolerate impact and their high gloss finish and  melamine resin finish ensures any stains or watermarks can be easily wiped off. Unicore laminates from Greenlam meet various international standards and accreditations for their durability and high impact resistance.

4. Decorative Appeal

The uniform and elegant finish of Unicore laminates make them a favourite for decorative applications in spaces such as hotel reception, bars, and restaurants. The gloss finish also makes them a favourite for decorative wall art and accent panelling.

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