Melamine is a low-pressure laminate that acts as an additional layer to a base material like wood. The laminates are made of a hard resin and used as an overlay on materials like plywood. Melamine sheets are flexible in terms of functionality and design and are quite convenient to use. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present a list of four advantages of using melamine laminate sheets. Read on.

1. Affordability

Melamine is cost effective and due to the reduced factory manufacturing involved, which makes it much cheaper when compared to other types of laminates. Durability and performance are qualities that make melamine laminates great value for money. Melamine laminates make luxurious interiors accessible to everyone.

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2. Low Maintenance

Another advantage of using Melamine sheets is that they are extremely easy to clean. Their smooth surface makes cleaning easier when compared with other rigid textured surfaces like that of hardwood. Melamine is best suited for low impact applications such as store fixtures and office furniture. The finish is consistent and removal of dirt is almost effortless. The surface material’s resistance to strong solvents and water further simplifies the process of maintenance.

3. High Performance

Apart from being crack, abrasion, and scratch resistant, melamine laminates can also withstand humid weather conditions. They can replicate any design and their colour translation is excellent. The laminates are stain resistant and designed for coarse usage. Melamine laminates can be easily coordinated with matching HPL and other surfacing solutions. They are ideal for office spaces, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and shelves.

4. Wide Choices

Melamine laminates come in a variety of colours and textures. The availability of melamine across various colours, patterns, and textures is a real game changer for property owners, architects, and designers. Greenlam Industries offers melamine laminates for a variety of applications such as household and office furniture, cabinets, and dry erase boards. These are used in both residential and commercial settings.

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The Last Word

Melamine laminates offer a simple look and budget friendliness. Greenlam Industries has a range of options from which to choose with respect to factors such as color and application. Browse through our melamine laminate sheets catalogue to choose one that best suits your requirements. Call +91 11 429 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499 to place your order or get answers to all your questions. You can also email us at