In any given school or educational institution, the classroom is important and exerts a direct influence on the overall knowledge-sharing experience. That is why it is essential for educational institutions to create well-designed classroom facilities to motivate teachers and creating a conducive environment for students. A staple for every classroom, a high-quality marker board is one of the things that go a long way in that regard. Made from decorative surface paper impregnated with melamine resin, Greenlam’s range of marker board laminates are the right fit for every classroom. Continuing on the subject, we present a simple list of four classroom essentials for immersive teaching experiences.

1. Classroom Essentials and Supplies

From pencils, pens, and erasers to notebooks, markers, and chalk, an ideal classroom must always stack up on everyday essentials. Teachers are best placed to provide a simple check-list that outlines all the classroom essentials. Keeping the aforementioned supplies available to both students and teachers ensures maximum classroom-productivity.

2. A Classroom Library

Reading is a key-habit to be instilled in children for their development. Installing a handy classroom library with an up-to-date collection of curriculum-related books, relevant magazines, storybooks, and other material can help nurture the quintessential habit of book-reading in children. You can take things further by arranging a small reading corner in the library zone within the classroom for a more nuanced reading experience. Greenlam laminates have a wide range of laminate designs from which to choose the best surfacing for your classroom library.

3. A Wall of Fame

Set aside a sizable portion of the classroom wall for creating a simple wall of fame that features all the achievements and work done by the students. Doing so encourages students to work harder and helps unleash their creative potential within the classroom. Here’s what you can also do: dedicate an entire section altogether in the wall of fame to list out the top-performers in both academics and co-curricular activities.

4. High-Quality Marker Board

In any given classroom, most of the teaching, demonstration, and explanation tends to heavily rely on the availability of a marker board. From writing mathematical problems and solutions to jotting down key concepts in different subjects, a marker board finds a myriad of applications. A durable and high-quality marker chalk board made from marker grade laminate sheet ensures excellent durability, smooth writing experience, low maintenance, and zero ghosting effect.

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Wrap Up

Creating a conducive classroom and an immersive teaching experience can be achieved by measures such as curating all the necessary classroom supplies and keeping them within reach, putting together a mini-library and a reading corner, an attractive wall of fame, and equipping them with high-quality marker boards. Greenlam Laminates brings durable, pristine, and low maintenance marker grade laminate sheets with a range of exciting benefits such as smooth writing experience, easy cleaning, glossy finish, and zero ghosting effect. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or simply call +91-11-4279-1399.