When designing a laboratory, one of the most important decisions is to choose the surfacing materials for your lab countertops. As working conditions in laboratories are entirely different from any other work spaces, it is important to choose a material that can withstand the impact of chemicals, heat, and other factors encountered in such an environment. Compact laminates are one of the best surfacing materials used in laboratories to ensure optimal functionality and performance. In this blog post, we will discuss some prominent features of compact laminates that make them ideal for use in laboratories.

1. Chemical Resistance

The first prerequisite for any surface material that is being used in a laboratory is that it must be resistant to chemicals. Numerous chemicals are used in a lab that can easily damage a surface. Compact laminates are highly resistant to chemicals and can hold up well under exposure to all sorts of harsh chemicals used in labs. This makes them ideal for use for lab countertops.

2. Heat Resistance

Generally, laboratories have to work with heat instruments such as Bunsen burners, which can always damage surfaces. Compact laminates are manufactured with a heat resistance capacity of up to resistance to wet heat of up to 100 degrees and resistance to Dry heat of upto 160 degrees, allowing them to withstand the heat from chemicals and compounds. Although they have excellent heat resistance, it is recommended to avoid exposing them to direct flames.

3. Impact Resistance

Compact laminates are highly durable and can withstand the general impacts from the lab equipment without losing its aesthetics. For instance, Lab guardian laminates from Greenlam come with excellent impact resistance properties and a strong core. The top layer of phenolic resin also provides excellent scratch resistance, making them a great choice for laboratory applications.

4. Universally Applicable

Compact laminates can be used as efficient surfacing materials for a variety of laboratories such as school laboratories, medical labs, scientific research facilities, and industrial laboratories. The lab guardian compact laminates collection from Greenlam offers a collection of laminates including the suede finish in solid category featuring argent white, cineral, and black. The compact laminates promise unmatched functionality along with excellent aesthetics for laboratories.

About Greenlam Laminates

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