Durability, sturdiness, and versatility make laminates preferred furnishing options for wardrobes. Laminates come with numerous designs, textures and finishes that cater to all kinds of interior decor themes. A great way to accentuate laminate for wardrobes is by using elegant accent pieces in the mix. It is wise to choose the right match of decorative wardrobe laminate design and accents that complement one another. Greenlam Laminates offers a premium range of top-quality laminates for wardrobes across different colors, textures and décor themes. Here are four décor ideas to match with laminates to create eye-catching designs:

1. Mirrors & Colored Glass

Mirrors are ideal accents to add a touch of elegance to a bedroom. They also give an illusion of space by making small rooms appear larger. You can offset a monotone laminate wardrobe designs with a mirror panel or coloured glass running horizontally across the shutter line. A vertical mirror on one side of the wardrobe shutter can serve as a dressing corner. Greenlam Laminates offers world-class wardrobe laminates designs for bedrooms from which you can choose a design that complements mirrors and coloured glass beautifully.

2. Unique Door Handles

Door handles in attractive geometric designs or a rustic metallic finish present a great way to break the monotony of understated wardrobes. From long T-bars to antique recessed pulls, it’s easy to choose a fitting that suits the decor theme of your bedroom. Round metallic knobs work well on small cupboards or cabinets. A minimalistic metallic bar handle is ideal when you are going for a clean and contemporary look.

3. Spotlights

Ceiling spotlights bring focus on glossy laminate wardrobes. You can install spotlights adjacent to a bedroom wardrobe to make it the accent piece of the room. Motion sensor lights inside cupboards are also ideal furnishing options to make a statement. You can choose between white lights and soft lights to complement the color tone of laminates for the wardrobe.

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4. Layered Panels

You can ensure that your wardrobe is the centerpiece of your room by layering it with different shades of decorative laminates. Play with various hues of earthy colors or complement dark blues with lighter shades of gray. Layered wardrobes help offset subtle walls and bedroom decor by bringing in a flush of colors. Approach a reputed manufacturer and retailer of decorative laminates to discover appealing color options in laminate panels. Greenlam Laminates has a range of  wardrobe laminate designs for bedrooms in attractive colors. Allow us to help you match attractive panel options to create stunning wardrobe designs.

About Greenlam Laminates

Greenlam offers surfacing solutions that not only transform your living and working spaces but also ensure safety and hygiene. We present an exciting range of surfacing possibilities to help bring your dream decor to life. Decorative laminates for wardrobe designs can be accentuated by complimenting them with the right accent pieces. Choosing the right shades and textures of decorative laminates allows you to experiment with a variety of accents. Our laminates have antibacterial properties and meet many international quality and safety standards. Reach out to Greenlam Laminates for a wide variety of durable, elegant, and timeless laminates for your wardrobes, whatever your style and decor. Call 1800 833 0004 or e-mail info@greenlam.com to discuss your requirements.