One of the most popular choices among interior designers to make spaces beautiful, digital laminate sheets have now become a go-to option to introduce a personal touch to your interior spaces. You can either get a custom digital laminate sheet printed according to the image you would provide or can also choose from an extensive collection of pre-designed options available with the manufacturer. Not only are digital laminates aesthetically appealing and help you bring your creative vision to life, they are also sturdy and last long. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we share four popular applications of digital laminate sheets. Read on.


Give your retail stores a new look by incorporating digital laminate sheets. The more attractive your store is, the more customers you gather to buy your products. Make a statement by revamping your store with personalized digital laminate sheets that will make an impression on your customers. You can either order digital laminate sheets that come incorporated with your brand’s logo or your company’s offerings, or simply choose digital laminate sheet designs that suit your property the best.


Digital Laminates are a great way of customizing your residential spaces. You can get custom laminates with pictures of your choice, to make your rooms livelier. You can also use digital laminates in your kitchens to create a modern look for a contemporary kitchen. Digital laminates for wardrobes are also a great idea to personalise your home. Plus, the added bonus is that they are easy to clean and maintain.


Maintaining a pleasant and inviting ambience is a must when it comes to the hospitality industry. If you are looking for a surfacing solution that can improve the overall ambience and elegance of the interiors of your hotel or restaurant, it is safe to say that digital laminates are a great choice. Whether you want the logo of your establishment across your interior surfaces or you want to go with colour schemes that match with your brand logo, you can get to do it all with digital laminate sheets.


Make your workspaces more employee and client-friendly by decorating them with digital laminate sheets. You can put up motivational posters or just the basic logo of your company to make it look and feel more personal. A good workspace is always essential for employees to work productively. Design a workspace your employees will love through smart application of digital laminate sheets in your workspace.

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Wrap Up

No matter what the requirement is, be it increased aesthetic appeal or greater durability that you want to impart to your surfaces, digital laminate sheets can help you accomplish all the goals you’ve set for your property’s interior design. Greenlam brings to you an extensive collection of digital laminate sheets to choose from. Our digital laminates come with special properties such as resistance to bacteria and fungi. To learn more about our collection of digital laminate sheets or to discuss your requirements, call +91 11 429 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499 or write to us at