The kitchen is one of the most functional and important parts of any residential property, making it essential to put additional importance when designing it. Be it the performance or aesthetics, both need equal emphasis when selecting surfacing solutions for your kitchen. Modern solutions such as laminate sheets are affordable, last longer, and look beautiful, making them an ideal choice for every kitchen. To help you make an informed buying decision, in this post, we share four textures available in kitchen laminate sheets. Read on.

1. Solid Colours

Solid colours such as yellow, blue, and red are commonly used for both cabinets and countertops alike owing to their clean look and vibrant feel. While a single solid colour textured laminate sheet may do well across the whole kitchen, you can also mix and match between two or more solid coloured laminates to create a more nuanced look.

2. High Gloss Finish

High gloss laminates come with a shiny and reflective finish, allowing them to make smaller kitchens appear more spacious. They are also very smooth and soft, making it easier to clean them and less prone to attracting dirt or germs. If you are looking for a bright, glossy, and spacious appeal, look no further than high gloss laminates.

3. Matt Finish

Laminates with matt finish give a muted appearance and do not reflect as much light as high gloss laminates do. This makes it easier for matt textured laminate sheets to conceal scratches or any other surface blemishes easily. Matt finishes also tend to diffuse light, which adds a touch of richness and vibrance to the overall kitchen interiors.

4. Textured Finish

Laminates with a textured finish often mimic the look and feel of hardwood at a considerably cheaper price. They not only bring the rustic appeal of hardwood but are also water-resistant and offer better dimensional stability. That said, regular maintenance is a must to ensure that dirt and dust doesn’t stay trapped on the surfaces.

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Wrap Up

Kitchen laminate sheets are available in a number of different colours, designs, and finishes, allowing you to create the kitchen interiors of your liking without any compromise. Greenlam’s range of kitchen laminate sheets, apart from being available in umpteen options, also offer exceptional performance. To get more kitchen laminate ideas, go through our brochure or talk to our friendly team for expert help to find the right textured laminate sheets for your kitchen. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at