Digital Laminates are one of the most popular and widely used surfacing materials in commercial as well as residential settings. Many reputable manufacturers such as Greenlam offer digital laminates for bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces in different patterns, textures, and colors to suit any kind of decor. Along with a wide range of options, Greenlam’s digital laminates promise many benefits such as durability, natural aesthetic appeal, low maintenance, and countless applications. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present four reasons to introduce Greenlam digital laminates in your decor. Read on!

1. Easy Availability

Greenlam Laminates has presence in over 100 countries, supported by 3 international distribution centres, 14 international offices, 5 overseas operational subsidiaries. Our products are available not only in metropolitan cities but also in remote and upcoming townships. You can access all your favorite designs and lots of savings the convenient way.

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2. Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

Greenlam offers anti-virus digital laminates for kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces, and other residential and commercial settings. They are also the world’s first COVID-19 resistant laminates and compacts proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 virus. The laminates have 99% efficacy within 30 minutes of exposure to the laminate surface. For other viruses, the laminates enjoy a 99.99 efficacy rating. The laminates are treated with high-efficacy antimicrobial agents that can restrain the growth of disease-causing pathogens.

3. NSF Certification

Greenlam is one of the manufacturers of digital laminates in Asia that hold the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certification. Our digital laminates are completely safe to be used on surfaces that come into contact with food.

4. Health & Environment Certifications

Greenlam not only holds Greenguard Standard and Greenlabel Singapore but also Greenguard Gold certification, which means that our digital laminates have minimal emission of Total Volatile Organic Compounds . This makes them safe for use in spaces such as schools.

Wrap Up

Greenlam Industries is among the top three laminate producers in the world and known for employing cutting-edge manufacturing processes, innovation, and deep domain expertise. We offer digital laminate solutions for both commercial and residential spaces in different design options. Browse through our style chest or discuss your requirements with one of our experts to get answers to all your questions and the right assistance. Simply fill out our contact form or dial +91 11-4279-1399. You can also email