The kitchen is the heart of any home. It takes a lot of creativity to design or re-decorate a modern kitchen. Some of the most common issues around which to design your kitchen include the elimination of clutter, creating ample working space, allowing for enough lighting especially if you have a small kitchen, and making sure that you have beautiful surfacing and worktops that are fit for the purpose. One material that you can count on when designing a kitchen is laminate surfacing. They are available in a host of types for different applications from laminates for kitchen cabinets to countertop laminates. Read on as we discuss some of the remarkable ways to enhance your kitchen aesthetics and functionality.

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1. Refinish Old Cabinets

Refinishing your old cabinets can entirely change the look of your kitchen. Make subtle tweaks to kitchen drawers and cabinets using textured laminate sheets for cabinets. Laminate sheets for kitchen cabinets can go a long way in giving the aesthetics of your kitchen a fresh lease of life. Choose from a range of color tones and designs to bring out the desired style and complement the overall decor theme.

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2. Update the Lighting

Lack of adequate lighting makes a kitchen look small and dull and hampers your ability to work efficiently and safely. One thing you can do is change the color of your kitchen furniture and walls to a lighter shade to make the kitchen look plush and larger. Consider under-cabinet lighting to accent your cabinets and brighten workspaces such as countertops. Replace outdated light bulbs with the latest energy-efficient options. You can also consider adding a reflective backsplash using bright HPL laminates that can reflect light.

3. Declutter the Kitchen Counter

A cluttered kitchen counter not only dulls the aesthetics in your kitchen but can also make it difficult to work efficiently. Make sure to create ample storage space to put all culinary tools away when not in use. The most common storage in kitchens comprises cabinets and drawers. Take stock of all the items in the kitchen with a view to get rid of stuff that no longer works or you no longer need.

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4. Increase Storage Space

Lack of storage space is always a problem in the kitchen but with a few hacks, you can create ample space for your cookbooks and cooking tools. Spaces such as corners, above the window, or over the counter can be ideal locations for new storage shelves that you can use for items such as plates and bowls. Consider adding a wall-mounted pot rack to store large pots.

Wrap Up

From upgrading the lighting to adding additional storage space, a lot can be accomplished when it comes to giving your kitchen a remarkable makeover. Durable and timeless solutions such as laminates for kitchen cabinets, HD laminate for Kitchen, and HPL laminate for Kitchen not only enhance your kitchen aesthetics but also present the best value for money. Greenlam offers a wide array of HPL for kitchens designed to offer unmatched beauty and performance. To learn more about available laminates for kitchen cabinets and countertops, call us at 1800 833 0004 or email