Surfaces are an integral component in interior design. Among the available surfacing solutions, High-pressure laminates or HPL sheets are among the top picks for architects and interior designers for residential and commercial spaces. As the name suggests, high pressure laminate sheets are made by compressing kraft paper with thermosetting resins under immense pressure. High-pressure laminate is an ideal surfacing material when looking to enhance the appearance of both interiors and exteriors. That said, continue reading as we discuss four spaces where high-pressure laminate sheets are extensively used.

1. Healthcare 

Healthcare spaces such as hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories require the utmost hygiene. Greenlam’s high-pressure laminates are carefully designed through extensive R&D to provide a comprehensive layer of protection against opportunistic microbes. Manufactured in compliance with several environmental safety norms, HPL sheets feature antibacterial and anti-viral properties, capable of retarding 99.99% of bacteria and viruses within 24 hours of contact. This makes them a widely-used surfacing solution in the healthcare sector.

2. Hospitality

A unique, visually striking, and relaxing ambiance is the norm when it comes to the hospitality sector. High-pressure laminates allow you to strike the right balance of aesthetics and durability. Players in the sector can achieve the desired curb appeal and interior design by choosing from endless design and colour options, as well as customization. From hotels and cafés to restaurants and bars, HPL sheets enjoy a multitude of applications.

3. Retail 

Given the rise of ecommerce, retail spaces are now designed to be enticing and interactive. High pressure laminate sheets are an integral part of retail spaces design, whether we talk about eye-catching exteriors or interior decor. Apart from adorning the walls and being part of the shelving racks, HPL sheets also help in directing the customer experience to increase dwell time and leverage sales

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4. Residential Properties

High-pressure laminates are one of the best surfacing solutions for residential spaces, especially multiple occupancy properties. They present a great material to work with when it comes to curb appeal, kitchen shutters, wardrobes, and a range of other applications.

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