Digital laminate sheets are a modern surfacing solution that gives you excellent customizability and aesthetic appeal. They not only give you the option to get an image of your choice printed on the laminate sheets, but are also durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Also known as reflection laminates, Greenlam’s range of digital laminates are available in bespoke and also come in a number of pre-designed options for you to choose. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we present a list discussing four things about digital laminates you should know. Read on.

Digital Laminates Can Be Customised

Digital laminates, as described earlier, can be fully customised to display an image of your choice with a sleek finish. All you have to do is provide a high resolution image which you want to get printed on the laminate. If you are not looking to incorporate any specific image from your end but would still like to enjoy the aesthetic appeal offered by digital laminates, you simply choose from a huge collection of pre-designed laminates available in several themes.

Digital Laminates are Versatile Decor Elements

When designing interiors, digital laminates can be strategically used to display your favourite pieces of artwork, family portraits, or any other imagery, making them an aesthetically appealing surfacing solution for both commercial and residential properties alike. Whether you want to add a personal element to the decor or want to simply elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your property, digital laminate sheets are an effective surfacing solution.

Digital Laminates are Durable

Made from fusing kraft papers and a decorative layer with melamine resin, laminate sheets are known for offering excellent performance. They have a high dimensional stability, making them resistant to moisture as well as wear and tear. Kraft papers in particular boost the overall durability of laminate sheets to a great extent. Digital laminate sheets, therefore, give you the right blend of both performance and aesthetics.

Digital Laminates are Value for Money

Digital laminates are pre-finished, meaning that they do not require any additional finishing once installed. It not only makes digital laminates easy to install, but would also end up costing you less for installation as well. Moreover, digital laminates do not demand a tedious maintenance routine. Dusting and an occasional wipe down with a dry cloth are generally enough to keep your digital laminate surfaces in good condition.

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The Final Word

Digital laminate sheets can be used across retail, commercial, and residential spaces alike. Greenlam brings to you an extensive collection of more than 200 pre-designed digital laminates and bespoke options as well. Our range of digital laminate sheets offers excellent performance and an extensive warranty, making them a versatile and long-lasting surfacing solution. If you have any questions about our range of digital laminates or wish to discuss your requirements, simply fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279-1399, and we will take it from there.