An ideal surfacing material for both commercial and residential applications, digital laminates offer endless aesthetic possibilities, giving you the perfect canvas to paint your creativity. Made of multiple layers of kraft paper compressed together with high-strength resins, digital laminates not only look great, but they are also a highly durable surfacing solution. Whether you want to completely transform the look and feel of your living space or just give it a touch of personalization, decorative laminates can get the job done, seamlessly. To help, here are five cool ideas you can manifest using decorative laminates.

Family Collage

Family collages are excellent for picturing the whole family together. Instead of going for the done and dusted picture frame approach, you can dedicate the entire wall for your small or extended family. This also gives you the chance to get creative by using photos from different times and combining them in a family collage.

Celebratory Moments

Certain events in life only happen once and reliving them again is not a possibility. Events like weddings, your child’s first birthday, your parents’ 25th or 50th wedding anniversary can only be experienced once. As these events are worth cherishing for life, you can revisit those moments over and over again by getting them printed on digital laminates.

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Abstract Designs

The conventional solid colors and repeating floral and geometric patterns tend to get boring after a while. That is when abstract designs can spice things up. Abstract designs tend to include a variety of unconventional patterns that can be a breath of fresh air into any living space, making them perfect for those who are looking to move away from the ordinary.

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Landscapes such as mountains, forests, oceans, and rivers can be a great alternative to conventional laminate designs. They not only look cool but also bring about a serene and calm atmosphere to the interiors. Digital laminates printed with landscapes look cool in all spaces, be it a living room, study or home office.


If you are looking for a rustic/traditional look and feel, consider going for digital laminates featuring stone textures. Our stone finish laminates are perfect for creating an earthly yet rich ambiance. Nowadays, natural designs are gaining a lot of popularity, giving people an array of choices to customize the interiors of their homes and workplaces.

Wrap Up

Digital laminate designs can help you create any type of ambience you may desire. Besides being easy on the pocket, decorative laminates come with a host of other advantages such as easy maintenance, resistance to microbial growth, and of course, a wide variety of choices. If you are looking to buy the latest laminate sheets including white laminates, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399. We are one of the leading laminate suppliers in the world.