Laminates are a sturdy and durable surfacing solution known to stand the test of time. Made by glueing layers of Kraft-paper under high pressure and temperatures, laminates are affordable high-performance surfacing materials available in the market. Coming in a variety of designs and textures, Greenlam’s range of laminates have characteristics such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, anti-bacterial protection etc. To help you better appreciate the exciting range of laminates offered by Greenlam Laminates, we’ve put together a simple list of five highly useful laminates you must know. Take a look.

1. HPL

High-pressure laminates, or also known as HPL are a tough variant of laminates known to offer excellent resistance against boiling water, stains, and abrasions. Greenlam’s high-pressure laminates undergo special treatment making them extra strong and durable. Ideal for a myriad of applications such as home furniture, doors, cubicles, storage units, work-tops etc., Greenlam offers high-pressure laminates in over 1000 designs, 35 finishes, and various sizes to choose.

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2. Countertop Laminates

Made for horizontal surfaces such as worktops in kitchens and bathrooms, countertop laminates offer the aesthetics of granite, stone, or marble at affordable prices. Greenlam’s countertop laminates come with superior anti-abrasion qualities and are also easy to install. With no polishing or resealing needed, countertop laminates are truly low-maintenance. Available in more than 100 decors, Greenlam’s range of countertop laminates are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

3. Antibacterial Laminates

Retarding the growth of nearly 99% of the common bacteria on most decorative surfaces, Greenlam’s range of anti-bacterial laminates incorporates a US-EPA approved antimicrobial agent. The agent also finds application in many cosmetic and oral hygiene products. Suitable for hospitals, health-care facilities, kitchens, and restaurants, anti-bacterial laminates help prevent the risk of contamination and spreading of bacteria. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, Greenlam anti-bacterial laminates are available in over 35 textures and various thickness options.

4. AFX Laminates

Greenlam’s AFX laminates are India’s first anti-fingerprint laminates. They are impression free, non-porous, and hydro-repellent. Great for bathroom interiors, bedroom furniture, kitchen interior, and retail counters, AFX laminates come with a myriad of exciting characteristics such as scratch resistance, mould resistance, chemical resistance, and easy maintenance. They are available in four colours – black, white, eden grey, and anthracite, giving a one-of-a-kind surfacing solution.

5. Unicore Laminates

Unicore laminates comprise a range of aesthetically appealing uni-coloured laminates made from multi-layered decorative paper. Available in six decors and two textures, unicore laminates feature a solid colour both on the surface and the core. With no dark edges and abrasion resistance for more than 3000 cycles, unicore laminates find applications in cabinets, doors, signage, exhibits, shelves, and residential as well as commercial countertops.

The Final Word

Greenlam Laminates is a global brand offering a wide range of sturdy high-performance laminates. They are suitable for a host of commercial and residential requirements providing the right balance between aesthetics and functionality to transform your interior spaces. Greenlam is a name you can trust and we are among the world’s top three producers of laminates. To know more about our products, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11-4279-1399.