A bedroom is considered to be a home within a home. That is why it demands more effort and creativity when looking to create a bedroom of your dreams. This involves making informed choices regarding design, layout, materials, windows, furnitures and other elements. Keeping yourself plugged in with the ever involving design aesthetics and ideas is always a good thing to do if you wish to keep the design fresh. You can take advantage of wardrobe laminate designs for the bedroom and other design options to bring your vision to life. Let’s look at some key tips to decorate your bedroom.

1. Create an Intelligent Layout

The very first decision which the homeowner or interior designer needs to make pertains to the layout of the room. It is always advisable to keep the layout of the room as simple as possible. Depending on the structure of the room, the best wall for the placement of the bed can be intuitively decided, which is pretty much half of the task. Once the bed is placed, cupboards, support furniture, and lampshades can be placed accordingly. Just keep in mind that the bed is placed where the room has direct access to sunlight and is not right next to the bathroom. The other important thing to keep in mind is making sure that there is ample space in the room to walk around. This can also be used as a rule of thumb, ‘if you are having trouble walking around easily, something needs to be changed’.

2. Add Plenty of Light Sources

Whatever your colour choices may be, whether on the darker or lighter end, make sure that your bedroom has at least 1 big source of natural light or a few small sources which can illuminate the room properly. The direction of the room faces should preferably be east where the sun rises. Apart from that, decorative overhead lighting like a pendant or chandelier (instead of ceiling cans), bedside table lamps, a floor lamp, and even reading sconces will add to the ambient lighting. A well designed room with bad lighting is way worse than an averagely designed room with a lot of light in it.

3. Use Materials that add Colour

Many artists claim that the choice of colours we make reflect our inner state of being. A lot of people prefer a minimalistic all-white design. Even though it is elegant, after some time, the room often tends to lose its charm and becomes drab. It is always a good idea to add colour in your room, not just on the walls but also flooring, carpeting, wall hangings, and lamps. Materials like high pressure laminates and wood veneer introduce unique decorative designs in scores of different colours and tones. The thing to be kept in mind is that colours must compliment each other and the room in some way, otherwise the room can easily become overwhelming to live in.

4. Add Complimentary Furniture

Smaller secondary furniture pieces not only boost your bedroom design wise but also provide practical functionality by increasing the seating area. A lot of times friends or relatives might not feel comfortable enough to sit on your bed and it’s always a good idea to have a small couch, ottoman or chairs in the room. Just keep in mind to not go overboard with the furniture or you may end up consuming more space than you can afford.

5. Make sure you have ample Wardrobe Space

A practical problem everyone faces while designing a bedroom is identifying where to put all the stuff they own including clothes, books, and bags. It comes highly advised that wardrobe and other storage units be given special attention and focus right from the outset of designing the layout of the room. A walk-in wardrobe is always preferable although not everyone can afford that amount of space. In spite of that, there are several other options of intelligently designed cupboards that are equipped with sliding doors rather than opening ones, which saves space ingeniously and provides an opportunity to install cupboards that are relatively bigger to the size of the room without actually taking up space. Check out modern wardrobe laminate designs for bedrooms for some inspiration.

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Last Words

Designing a bedroom is essential to the process of creating or renovating a house. There is a lot more information and experiential knowledge to be gained and understood regarding the correct design approaches and suitable materials for the project. It is advised to consult with industry professionals who can help you understand things more deeply. Greenlam Industries not only offers a multitude of decorative laminate for bedroom design but other elements as well. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or email us at info@greenlam.com and we’ll take it from there.