Interior doors play a crucial role in the layout plans of interior spaces. They help bring out your style by complementing the interior and exterior design while promoting connectivity between the two. Laminate door designs are quite popular for their exceptional performance and enduring aesthetics. Choosing and installing the right laminate doors needs to be followed up with a proper maintenance regime. We’ve put together a guide to help maintain the luster of your doors and prevent damage.

1. Understand The Different Types Of Cleaners

Most people prefer using commercial cleaning products to clean and maintain laminate doors. The most commonly used household cleaners can be categorized into three types – liquid cleaners, which are non-abrasive or caustic, a cream cleaner, which is a cream-based cleanser with a thick consistency, and a powder or a paste, which is a dense product that’s dusted or smeared on the surface. Over time, several minor scratches or marks may appear on the surface and dent the pristine look of laminate doors. It is recommended to refrain from such cleaners, as their regular use can necessitate replacing the laminate surfacing and sometimes even the entire door.

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2. Use The Right Cleaners Properly

For regular cleaning purposes, furniture experts recommend the use of liquid cleaners. If a liquid cleanser fails to deliver the desired results, you may go for a cream cleanser to get rid of tough stains. It is recommended to avoid rubbing vigorously and clean the surface with utmost care. If you seek to maintain an excellent finish for your laminate door design, you may go for a Windex-style product for wiping. It is a popular option as Windex type cleaners are designed to avoid streak-marks on surfaces.

3. Move Instantly Against Stains

Wipe down all stains and drink spills immediately. This rapid action plan will help maintain the sheen of your doors and eliminate the need for strong cleaning agents which may damage the door’s aesthetics.

4. Clean Surfaces Regularly

To carry out regular cleaning of laminate doors, it is recommended to use a lint-free, soft cloth soaked in a mild soap solution. Don’t forget to dry the surface immediately. You may use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the accumulated dirt and dust particles on the laminate doors.

5. Avoid Abrasive Or Sharp Objects

While laminates can endure a fair amount of wear and tear from regular use, they can get easily scratched by abrasive cleaners or sharp objects. Abrasive cleaning agents and sharp objects can cause significant damage to the surface by leaving permanent scratches. You should also avoid using scouring pads, black soap, and other cleaning products with strong acid or alkaline bases.

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