A pleasant culinary environment results from various fine elements, such as vibrant cupboard panels, elegant crockery sets, and an aesthetically appealing kitchen countertop. When it comes to surfacing solutions, high-pressure laminates (HPL) are among the top choices for interior designers and architects. Though HPL sheets are durable and scratch-resistant, maintaining them can still be a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the related intricacies. That said, in this blog, we will discuss five crucial tips to maintain kitchen laminate countertops, which will help you keep the shine intact for a long time.

1. Clean with the right tools

When cleaning kitchen laminate countertops, it is vital to use the right tools to ensure their longevity, such as using:

  • Soapy sponge for light and mild stains
  • Appropriate non-scratch liquid or cream, an organic solvent such as Acetone or White Spirit
  • Warm water for cleaning purposes and ensuring that all residues are cleaned with an all-purpose paper towel or a lint-free cloth

It is also advisable to remove any spots of glue (in semi-liquid form) at the earliest with warm water and residual flakes with acetone.

2. Avoid placing hot utensils

Though HPL sheets are heat-resistant, it is still advisable not to place hot utensils directly on the laminate countertops as it may lead to cracks due to thermal shock. Using a ceramic trivet or a potholder can provide the required thermal insulation when dealing with hot utensils.

3. Avoid using strong cleaning agents

Using strong cleaning against such as bleach, strong acid or alkali bases, and wax furniture polishes can dull the luster of the laminate over time. For cleaning purposes, it is advisable to deploy suitable laminate cleaners in line with advice from your laminate manufacturer.

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4. Apply laminate countertop polish

HPL sheets are exceptionally durable, however, regular polishing or lacquering is required to maintain the sheen of the kitchen countertop laminates. It is advisable to use Silicone-free laminate countertop polishes that work well for all types of laminates. 

5. Repair damaged areas

Repairing damaged areas of your kitchen countertop with an appropriate laminate repair paste can help boost their longevity. Using a cutting board while cutting fruits and vegetables can also help to protect the countertop from scratches.

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