Designing a modular kitchen can be quite a hectic task considering the numerous aspects that come into play, such as the general layout and the design and materials for various elements such as cabinets and countertops. Modular kitchen laminates are one of the materials that are widely preferred for kitchen decor in residential and commercial spaces. Given the many different designs and colour options to choose from, it is important to choose the right modular kitchen laminates that can help bring your design vision to life. Keep reading as we look at five trending colour combinations for modular kitchen designs.

1. Grass Green and Snow White

If you want to add a touch of nature to your modular kitchen, we highly recommend going for a combination of grass green and snow-white laminates. The colours make an incredible pair that brings the green freshness of nature and the luxurious appeal of white together to create a comfortable and relaxing modular kitchen space.

2. Light Orange and Dust Grey

If your home has a design theme that features popping colours, light orange and dust grey laminate shades can be an excellent choice for your modular kitchen. While the dust grey shade creates a smooth-looking base, light orange modular kitchen laminates add a fiery look to the entire decor. You can also install a lighter shade of laminate inside the shelves to add depth to the overall aesthetic.

3. Ivory Green and Terracotta Red

For homes that have a more subtle theme, combining ivory green and terracotta red laminate shades is guaranteed to bring out a perfect look. In addition, you can go with a wood finish on your cabinets to boost the overall glamour of the kitchen.

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4. Cream Yellow and Divine Yellow

If you want to go for a single-colour theme for your modular kitchen, you can combine cream yellow and divine yellow shades to get a fresh and glowing look. The two shades of yellow can enhance the details of your kitchen layout and introduce a vibrant look. Even if you want to go with a different shade for the kitchen cabinets such as a wood-finish or black, or want to add multicoloured tiles, the two shades of yellow are the best option when it comes to balancing the palette.

5. Fog Grey and Galaxy Blue

When using fog grey and galaxy blue laminate shades in your modular kitchen, designers recommend installing the latter on top cabinets, while the former can add depth to the lower ones. While the two colours can give your kitchen a cool and calm ambience, going with a black countertop is the perfect choice to complete the luxurious appeal.

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