The look and feel of your property should be warm and welcoming for obvious reasons. Greenlam’s exterior and interior wall cladding solutions not only offer a natural look but also protect the building envelope from the elements. To maintain the shine, durability and longevity of your wall cladding solutions, you must ensure simple regular cleaning and maintenance. In this blog post, we go through the cleaning procedures for your property’s interior wall cladding. Read on!

Basic Cleaning

If your wall cladding surface has stains, you can simply clean it with hot water and a soft sponge. You must avoid using the abrasive or the green side of the sponge as it can create scratches. You can also use a soft nylon brush or cloth for regular cleaning.

Cleaning Procedure 1

If the wall cladding has tough stains that can’t be removed with basic cleaning, you can use common household cleaners that come without abrasives such as dish detergents and window cleaners.

Cleaning Procedure 2

You can also use organic solvents including alcohol, acetone, thinner, and turpentine for rigid marks and stains. In case of continuous exposure to dirt pollution, you can try to clean your interior wall cladding surfaces mechanically. Make sure to avoid scratching and use of wooden spatula or plastic that can further damage the surfaces.

Cleaning Procedure 3

In case the contamination and stains are irremovable, you can clean them with a solution of water and soft soap in ratio 3:1. Leave the solution on the surface for some time depending on the degree of pollution and when the stains start to fade, clean the solution with a soft sponge or cloth.

Cleaning Procedure 4

Sometimes, it is also advisable to use commercially available disinfectants to clean the stains. You can use steam cleaning while taking care of supporting material such as wood beams, insulation, and wall paneling to prevent them from getting wet. You can also use a silicone remover such as Molto for tough stains.

Cleaning Procedure 5

Following the initial cleaning procedures, you can use liquid cleaners with polishing chalk, Cif, and ATA making sure not to repeat the procedure quite often. Tough stains can occasionally be dealt with acidic cleaning agents that have 10 percent acetic acid or citric acid.

Final Cleaning

Make sure to remove all the detergents or cleaning solutions with water after the stains are removed to avoid streaking. Lastly, you can clean the surface with hot water and an absorbent cloth or paper towel to maintain the interior wall cladding’s original shine and look.

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Wrap Up

Reputable designer wall cladding dealers in India, such as Greenlam, provide premium-quality interior wall cladding solutions that require minimum maintenance. To maintain their shine for extended periods, you must clean them at least once a month. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned recommendations and avoid using any material that can damage its quality. To know more about Greenlam’s wall cladding solutions, browse through available options, or speak to our team for assistance. Just dial +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11-4950 1499. You can also email us at or fill out our contact form.