Laminates are an indispensable part of interior decor in residential and commercial spaces. Installing unique designs and patterns in your home or office not only adds a luxurious touch but brings you all the performance features of the material that you choose. Digital laminates are a popular choice for a variety of applications primarily because of the wide range of designs on offer, their exceptional performance, and cost-efficient nature. In this blog, we take a look at some of the scenarios in which digital laminates make a perfect choice.

What are Digital Laminates?

Digital laminates are specially engineered laminate sheets that can be digitally printed on. This allows manufacturers to explore more designs and create more unique patterns for customers. The print doesn’t weaken the laminate in any way and can generally resist wear and tear without any trouble. Besides, the kraft paper used at the core of the laminates ensures that the unique designs continue to beautify your walls and surfaces for several years.

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When to go with Digital Laminates

Digital laminates are the perfect blend of innovative designing and the latest technology that aim to cater to the unique needs of different areas of residential and commercial spaces. No matter where they are installed, digital laminates are guaranteed to add to the overall aesthetics and comfort of any part of that area. Here are a few instances where digital laminates can be the perfect choice for you to go with.

You want to add a unique artistic touch

Digital laminates feature exclusive designs that are guaranteed to give a unique aesthetic to different areas of your living and work spaces.

You’re looking for a versatile range of laminates

If you are looking for a surface solution that works equally well in different spaces, digital laminates are the perfect choice. They can be applied on a wide range of surfaces including in the kitchen and bathroom.

Core features are as important as visual appearance

When core features are just as important as the visual appearance, digital laminates are the best choice available in the market, thanks to their unmatched aesthetic appeal and unique features such as abrasion resistance and high fire-retardancy.

You’re looking for an eco-friendly solution

Digital laminates are designed to be free from any toxic chemical that can potentially be harmful for humans or animals. They, therefore, help in promoting a healthy living and work spaces.

You are looking for an affordable surface solution

Although they feature myriad unique designs, digital laminates are quite affordable and can beautify your spaces at an affordable cost. While several laminates are designed for specific applications such as base-, acid-, and solution-resistant sheets for chemistry labs, digital laminates enjoy countless applications.

The Final Word

Digital laminates can be used in residential and commercial areas to bring your dream decor to life. Browse through the wide range of world-class digital laminate designs offered by Greenlam Laminates, including digital laminates for kitchens and wardrobes. For answers to all your questions about digital laminates, give us a call on +91-11-4279-1399 or email