Though relatively new on the market, digital laminate sheets continue to be one of the most recommended decorative surfacing materials for indoors by interior decorators. Whether it is a hint of nature or expression of love for music, digital laminates allow homeowners and business owners to get their favorite photos or graphic designs digitally printed on the surfaces. Here’s a look at how this category of laminates is a perfect solution to manifest your creative genius.

Endless Possibilities

Custom laminates bring endless design possibilities and the vast collection available with us validates the notion. You’ll find them in various designs textures, and shades that you can use in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens and even have them personalized to suit your specific needs. There is a digital laminate to meet everyone’s taste and personality, and you’ll be literally spoilt for choice.

Easy Installation

When it comes to installation, our digital laminates are no different from the other laminate varieties available with us, and are easier to install than alternatives such as marbles and tiles. When opting for custom laminates, you can order multiple dimensions, which can be up to 4” x 10”. Along with getting the freedom to choose the dimension, you can customize the designs as per your taste or imagination.

Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal

By allowing you to integrate popular trends with your personal inputs, our digital laminates can help transform the appeal of any living space. This makes them a perfect surfacing option when the aim is to make the area stand out. Unlike marbles and tiles, digital laminates provide room for printing appealing designs just the way property owners want them.

Exceptional Durability

Like other varieties of laminates offered by Greenlam, our digital laminate sheets are manufactured using advanced technology and high quality materials. This makes them resistant to abrasion and scratch. While high color fastness serves as a guard against fading, their durability is further enhanced by the use of some of the best quality bonding material for substrates available on the market.

Wrap Up

Digital laminate sheets take surfacing materials to the next level and allow you to give shape to your imaginations. Whether you are looking for digital laminates for wardrobes, living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens, get in touch with Greenlam. We have one of the largest collection of decorative digital laminates that are designed to add style and elegance to any living space. To speak with one of our product specialists, simply call +91 11 4279 1399 or fill out this form.