They say “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, and for good reasons. It is the center of every family’s daily lives, where they prepare meals and gather to eat or socialize. That is one of the reasons why the design and decor of the kitchen have a huge impact on the value of the houses on the market. Stratus kitchen surface solutions from Greenlam Laminates open up your kitchen design possibilities to a whole new world that is loaded with color, textures, grains, and ingenious designs. Here is a look at some of the distinct benefits that you stand to gain by using Stratus solutions to upgrade your kitchen.

Comprehensive Solutions

The Stratus collection offers ‘full-package’ kitchen surfacing solutions. The modules that come together in the Stratus design include a Breakfast Bar, Worktop, Upstand, and Splashback. Such a coordinated approach to kitchen design introduces a unique style that represents a pure work of art. You can also be assured that all the elements going into your design not only complement each other but are also built to endure demanding dynamics.

Kitchen-Friendly Attributes

The  Stratus collection represents a modern look and kitchen design that takes the demanding nature of the environment into consideration. This makes the solution perform exceptionally in any kitchen. Attributes such as impact, heat, water, fire, and abrasion resistance ensure safety in the kitchen while preserving the shine of your decor. Other qualities that ensure food safety in the kitchen includes antibacterial properties and safe contact with food.

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Easy Installation and Customization

The Stratus collection is easy to install and extremely customizable. Coming with modular elements, it can blend into any kitchen design depending on your preferences, design, and space considerations. The collection also boasts attributes such as being self-supporting, machinable, and easy to fabricate. All these come together to make for easy installation and customization of your kitchen surfacing solution.

Upgrade your Kitchen

Greenlam Laminates’ Stratus collection gives you unlimited decor choices ranging from solids, woodgrains, stones and concrete. You can also choose from different sizes, textures, and cores to meet your unique requirement. Browse through the Stratus collection to discover your taste or discuss your requirement with our product experts and designers for guidance and answers to your questions. You can reach us at +91 11 4279 1399 or mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.