Surfacing solutions such as laminates are a staple when it comes to interior and exterior decor for commercial and residential spaces. HPL are in a league of their own owing to the various applications and benefits that they bring to the table. Greenlam Laminates manufactures HPL sheets that are rated as some of the best in India, the region, and the whole wide world. Let’s look at some of the distinct benefits that you can expect when you opt for High pressure laminates.


High pressure laminates serve a functional and decorative role when incorporated into your decor. You can apply them to horizontal spaces such as in commercial settings, and vertical spaces such as walls in residential settings. That is why they are a common and popular element of decor.


High pressure laminates are chemical, scratch, impact, fire, and abrasion-resistant. That is one of the reasons why they are a common feature in work areas finding applications on cubicles, cabinet doors, reception areas, and check-out stands. High-quality  HPL sheets usually last more than a decade, especially when maintained properly.

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Stylish & Modern Finish

HPL can enhance any space with its polished appearance and clean lines. They can accentuate understated elegance and bring style to any room regardless of size. Whether you are designing a kitchen, patio, reception area, conference room, or a cafeteria, you can never go wrong with high pressure laminate.

Wide Range of Options

High pressure laminates have something for every need as there are countless options from which to choose. The surface material is available in different colours and textures and you can easily find something that goes well with your decor theme or style. There are endless design possibilities when working with high-pressure laminate sheets.

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Whether you wish to design industrial spaces or a laboratory, HPL makes a great choice. Greenlam Laminates gives you access to premium quality surface options including an extensive range of high pressure laminates. Browse through our catalogue to choose a design that’s best for your requirements. You can also get help from our sales team when it comes to choosing a laminate design or getting answers to all your questions about the benefits of HPL. Call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499. You can also email us at