Manufactured using exotic wood species, veneers are an ideal surfacing material for countertops, as they have various benefits, such as exceptional durability, easy installation and maintenance, and elegant appeal. If you are planning to use veneer sheets on your countertops, this blog post is for you. Read on as we present a brief guide to help you choose suitable veneer sheets for your countertops.

Choose a Wood Species

Greenlam’s collection of decorative veneers lets you take your pick from over 200 wood species sourced from around the world. They come in different grain patterns such as horizontal and vertical veneer sheets, and are available in various colour tones. Beech veneers, for instance, are available in five different colour tones – Dark Brown, Grey/ Black, and Ivory. Similarly, Eucalyptus veneers come in seven different colour tones.

Consider Maintenance

When choosing decorative veneers for your countertops, ease of cleaning and maintenance should be a top priority. While veneer sheets with bright sheen easily show scratches and stains, the same cannot be said about dark coloured tone veneers that conceal blemishes much more effectively. That is the reason why bright coloured veneers are more suitable for residential purposes, whereas dark colour tones are generally preferred in commercial settings.

Select a Finish

The aesthetics of your countertops is also greatly influenced by the finish you choose. You can select between polished and unpolished veneer finishes from our decorative veneer collection. If you want your space to have a premium appeal, go for polished veneers such as the American White Ash (Satin), which you can find in the Natural collection. On the other hand, if you are looking for a rustic or sober appeal, it is advisable to choose unpolished veneers.

Check Quality Certifications

When buying veneers, it is important to consider their expected lifespan, which is why you must check if they come with a comprehensive warranty and also make sure the manufacturer you choose offers after sales support. You must also check for quality certifications when investing in decorative veneers.

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The Last Word

When buying decorative veneers, there are a few things to consider such as the environment and capacity of your restaurant. At Greenlam we have a wide range of decorative veneers with different wood species, and colour tone for any design requirements. If you have any questions about decorative veneers, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or fill out our contact form.