High-pressure laminates (HPL sheets) present an excellent way to create functional surfaces and an ambience that suits your personality. Having the perfect kitchen decor can help bring out the chef in you, make your culinary activities more pleasant, and promote healthy food preparation. High gloss and suede are two of the most commonly used kitchen countertop laminate finishes that present a perfect balance between the desired aesthetics and functionality. Read on as we present a quick comparison between high gloss and suede finish laminates to help you choose the right option for your kitchen countertops.


High Gloss HPL sheets are renowned for their lustrous reflective surface, which makes them an ideal kitchen countertop laminate when you are going for a modern and sleek look. Apart from making the kitchen interior look more spacious, high gloss HPL sheets also help in enhancing natural lighting, which is often desirable for kitchen spaces. The smooth and reflective surface of high gloss HPL sheets reflects the majority of incident light rays. 

Suede finish, often mistaken for a matte finish, offers a slightly rough texture that resembles suede leather. Stylish and sophisticated in appearance, suede HPL sheets help in adding a natural; warm, and inviting appeal to your kitchen decor.


HPL sheets are highly durable as a surfacing material, however, the level of durability varies with its different sub-types and applications. 

  • High-gloss HPL sheets are resistant to scratches; stains; and impacts, which makes them a perfect kitchen countertop laminate. 
  • Suede finish HPL sheets, owing to their textured surface, are not only scratch resistant but also conceal fingerprints and provide a protective cushioning to kitchen surfaces.

 High gloss laminates perform better than suede laminates in the long term, especially when subjected to heavy and hot kitchen appliances that can accelerate the process of wear and tear.

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Both high gloss and suede HPL sheets require minimal upkeep, provided you clean any spills immediately. High gloss laminates require more frequent cleaning to preserve their shine, whereas the textured surface of suede finish laminates traps dirt particles more easily. A simple wipe with a dry or damp microfiber cloth is sufficient to maintain the kitchen countertop laminates. It is also advisable to avoid using harsh cleaning agents that contain bleach, acids, and other strong chemicals.

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