Office spaces are considered as a second home for professionals. Most people find themselves spending at least 8-10 hours at work, which is why it makes sense to design and decorate the spaces to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. The secret to optimally designed office spaces is to find a happy median between the aesthetics and ergonomics. Elements such as interior wall cladding, organic room scents, and plants really work well when looking to transform commercial spaces. Let’s look at a few tips to help make your office space promote a vibe of positivity that encourages productivity, creativity, collaboration, and enthusiasm.

1. Organic Room Scents

It is a well documented fact that the sense of smell is directly connected to emotions and creativity. Research in Japan shows that typists make 54% less mistakes when they smell lemon. Smells like Rosemary, Coffee, Jasmine, and Citrus are known to boost productivity. It is highly recommended to employ some sort of organic scents to keep the air in office spaces smelling fresh and energetic. Caution should be practiced to not go overboard as too much may make the atmosphere nauseating.

2. Intelligently Designed White Boards and Pin up Boards

An important feature of any office space is a medium on which to do things such as writing down notes and brainstorming ideas. White boards and pin up boards are essential in any kind of office space be it creative or critical in nature. Special thought must be put in regarding how much space any such board takes up, accessibility by employees, and the available work area around the board. Intelligently designed white and pin-up boards also add to the aesthetic beauty of office spaces when designed with the color palette and general vibe of the place in mind.

3. Add Plants for a Positive Vibe

Any element which gives a feeling of the outside in interior working spaces adds to the feeling of openness, reduces feelings of claustrophobia, and helps employees feel more at home while working, all of which adds to the overall productivity and employee satisfaction in the office. Keeping plants in the office also works as a natural air purifier.

4. Cladded Wall Designs to Boost Creativity

Another great way to bring a touch of nature and the outside into work spaces is installing interior wall claddings. Several innovative and creative interior laminate cladding designs are available that can be customized to give impressions of nature, landscapes, forests, and savannas. Choose the right type of interior grade laminate sheets to go with your office decor.

5. Practical yet Aesthetic Shelves

One of the most significant elements of office spaces is the cabinets and shelves used to store books, documents and other important office materials. The approach employed around white boards and pin up boards can also be applied to shelves. Shelves made from high pressure laminates are highly durable, versatile, and beautiful.

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Last Words

While the basic expectations from office interior design solutions are high performance and great aesthetic appeal, there are several other needs that keep evolving with time. Known for easy installation, low maintenance, moisture resistance, antibacterial properties, and protection against UV rays, among others, Greenlam’s range of interior and exterior wall cladding solutions are available in a range of style and color choices to match your decor. To discuss your requirements or learn more about available surface solutions, simply call +91 11 4279 1399 or write to us at You can also fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.