Protecting a property from the inside is as important as protecting it from the outside. Interior compact laminate cladding is a unique material that can provide beauty and damage resistance to your interior walls. Interior wall cladding protects surfaces from moisture and abrasion while completely transforming the aesthetic factor. Depending on the design, color, or pattern, wall cladding can help you recreate a wide variety of decor styles. In this post, we’ll share some 2020 design trends you can create with interior laminate cladding.


2020 is all about keeping things as simple as possible. It’s no surprise that monochrome has become a trend in fashion, photography, and even interior design. Clean and minimal interior spaces can be achieved by adhering to a monochrome color palette. Different interior compact cladding options can adapt to this trend. Whether you decide to go for a matte or gloss finish, you can use laminate cladding in a single color to surface your walls and ceiling. The elegant and minimalistic nature of this trend is ideal for hotel, hospital, clinic, airport, and office decor that seeks to recreate a polished and clean style. You can top this look off by investing in matching monochrome furniture and textiles.

Warm Earth Tones

2019 was officially the last year marking the reign of the color grey. After an entire decade dominated by cool tones and different shades of grey in interior design magazines, 2020 interior decor has moved towards warm tones. The perfect way to bring this trend into your commercial spaces is choosing interior wall cladding available in rich and cozy wood tones. Such wall panels will instantly warm up your spaces. You could get a few chocolate-brown furniture pieces and accent decor to match the new wall clads and complete the look.


Adding bold patterns and designs to interior walls is one of the novel interior design trends gaining pace in 2020. Different materials, including wallpaper, paint, and interior wall cladding, can be used to add fun and color to your interior walls. The most important change in this trend is that patterns are now being used throughout the walls of a room as opposed to creating a single statement wall.

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Bottom Line

Whether you are looking to stay on top of design trends, uplift the look of your home or commercial space, or simply protect your interior walls while upgrading their appearance, interior laminate clads are a great choice. Greenlam Laminates offers different types of premium quality interior cladding in unique patterns and textures. Browse through our wide collection of interior wall cladding to choose one that is great for your decor. For a quote or to get more information on available cladding options, call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499. You can also write to