No matter what color palette you are working with, you’ll always face the ultimate design question: matte or gloss? Depending on your decor style and intended application, matte or HD gloss laminates might better suit your needs. If you are uncertain whether to purchase glossy laminates is a good decision, read on! In today’s blog post, we’ll uncover the best HD gloss laminate applications.

When to Use HD Gloss Laminates?

Depending on your design vision, different types of laminate can work better to achieve your desired look. Super shiny glossy laminates are the perfect tool to add style to your more modern spaces. Additionally, thanks to their light-reflecting properties, HD gloss laminates can add depth to your smaller spaces. This, in turn, will make them appear more spacious and open.

Some projects that can benefit from HD gloss laminates include kitchen renovations and wardrobe makeovers. However, applications are truly endless.

The Advantages of Using Glossy Laminates

Working with HD gloss laminates provides homeowners endless advantages. The benefits range from the aesthetic to the functional.

Easy Maintenance

Sleek and shiny, glossy laminates feature super-smooth surfaces that can be wiped down in a matter of seconds. Their texture-less surfaces help laminates repel liquid from spills and prevent stains. A lack of crevices gives dust and germs no space to hide. With HD gloss laminates you can be certain on the hygiene of all your surfaces.

Installing HD gloss laminates on kitchen countertops is extremely popular due to their easy maintenance. Fingerprints, grease marks, and smudges can be cleared away with minimal effort. By being both stylish and easy to clean, glossy laminates provide homeowners everything they look for!

Make Your Rooms Appear Larger

By reflecting light, HD gloss laminates can make any room appear larger. This makes glossy laminates the perfect surface to include in your smaller spaces. A small kitchen or wardrobe can feel less crowded by simply changing up matte surfaces for a shinier alternative. To get the most out of your glossy laminates, go for lighter colors. This will invite the most light into your home.

Contemporary Appeal

A shiny gloss surface screams luxe, without a doubt! The reflective properties of this type of laminates guarantee your space will be the brightest and most vibrant it can be. HD gloss laminates work especially well with minimalist or modern decor. Their sleek look provides modern sophistication. At the same time, they suit the simplicity of the minimalist decor, while introducing some variation with glossy high shine surfaces.

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Where to Buy High Gloss Laminates?

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