An ingenious solution that serves as a better performing alternative to traditional white boards, marker grade laminate is widely used in corporate facilities, educational institutes, hospitality establishments and various other spheres. Composed of core kraft paper sheets infused with phenolic resins and finished with melamine resins, marker grade laminate is a tough, durable, and an excellent marker board material. Greenlam’s range of marker grade laminates, available in the square grid and plain white colours are a versatile and highly functional markerboard solution. Continuing on the subject, we present the top three uses of marker grade laminate. Read on.

1. Classroom Teaching

From K-12 schools to universities, classroom teaching has been an integral part of our education system. A typical classroom teaching session is heavily reliant on a marker board for sketching out new concepts, clarifying doubts, and for writing running notes. In such a case, a sturdy, durable, and an easy-to-clean markerboard can prove to be a great aid to the teachers and instructors; Greenlam’s range of marker grade laminate boards promote smooth writing and do not produce any ghosting effect whilst erasing, promoting a better teaching and learning experience within the classroom.

2. Team Meetings

IT developers are commonly engrossed in designing, developing, and testing an array of software solutions; and for a successful IT development project, collaboration and teamwork are the cornerstone requirements. A sleek, well-designed, and a reliable writing surface such as a markerboard inspires creativity and confidence during team meetings and similar collaborative events, allowing developers and other team members to sketch out their ideas and plans efficiently. Greenlam’s range of marker grade laminate boards offer anti-ageing and smooth writing, making them a valuable long-term investment for your developer team.

3. Personal Notes

The kitchen and bedrooms greatly benefit from the presence of a markerboard. From writing recipes and grocery lists to meal plans and schedules, a markerboard can come in handy and improve the overall productivity at home. When it comes to bedrooms, children in specific can benefit from the presence of a markerboard in their bedroom as it allows them to write their time-table, homework, and other pending tasks, helping children become organised and responsible; moreover, inspirational quotations and messages can also be written on the board, giving children a constant push of motivation.

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The Final Word

While the good old blackboards and whiteboards have been widely used in the past, markerboard laminates are now taking up the mantle of being a reliable, long-lasting, and a smooth writing surface for all needs. Be it a school or a corporate office, a markerboard is a great tool that can be used to enhance productivity, collaboration, and teamwork. Greenlam’s marker grade laminate is built from a special synthetic polymer, resulting in easy cleaning of both dry and wet erase marks, anti-ghosting effect, smooth writing, and a long life. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, feel free to reach us at +91 11 4279 1399. You can also write to us at