A visually attractive and functional decor is vital for commercial spaces. That’s why interior designers and architects prefer premium quality surfacing material that present a balance of aesthetics and functionality. Laminates for commercial spaces come in myriad design options to cater to diverse applications and decor themes. Continue reading as we discuss in brief the top four applications of laminates for commercial spaces.

Reception Area

The reception area is a vital component of any commercial space. Whether it is a corporate office or a news studio, the area introduces visitors to the overall decor of the commercial space. It also sets the tone about the calibre of the brand. High-pressure laminates are a great material to work with for receptions as they are not only visually appealing and help in establishing a strong positive impact on visitors, but also come with various additional attributes such as anti-microbial properties that help create a hygienic environment. Backsplash, furniture, and countertop are some of the applications in the reception area where it is advisable to use laminates. 


Restaurants are all about creating a welcoming and hygienic environment in which customers can enjoy their meals. They feature a great deal of furniture that can be designed using high-pressure laminates from the kitchen countertops to the sitting area and cashier’s area. Apart from the functionality aspect, restaurant decor also plays a key role in establishing a conducive ambience. Restaurant owners, architects, and designers can choose HPL sheets from a diverse range of colour shades, textures, and finishes in line with the interior design theme. While the selection of a laminate depends on the decor theme, matte-finish laminates have anti-microbial properties, making them uniquely suited for a range of restaurant applications.

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Executive Rooms

An executive room or boardroom is inarguably a vital space meant for conducting corporate meetings. Executive rooms must have a sophisticated and formal appeal, which is why HPL sheets are a great decor material, as they help create a clean and elegant ambience. When it comes to buying laminates for commercial spaces such as an office executive room, it is advisable to choose laminates that have a matte finish and additional attributes such as anti-static and scratch-resistant properties. The HPL sheet design helps repel dust and conceal minor scratches, minimizing the need for elaborate maintenance. Some of the applications of HPL sheets in executive rooms include cupboards, countertops, and furniture.


A ballroom is a large space meant for holding large gatherings such as leadership/corporate annual summits, NGO workshops, and press conferences. High-pressure sheets, in ballrooms, can be used as interior wall panels; and as surfacing material on furniture such as speaker podiums and desks.

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