Countertop laminates offer various benefits, such as exceptional scratch resistance, easy customizability, low maintenance, and even resistance to bacterial growth. Greenlam offers an array of laminate countertop sheet designs to help you set the right tone in your kitchen area. You can take your pick from our trending laminate countertop designs with dark, dull/flat, bright and shining surfaces, or mix and match to suit your style preferences. Further on the subject, we present four kitchen countertop laminate design trends to watch for in 2020. Read on.

1. Dark Countertops

Dark countertops can create an unconventional and enigmatic appeal in the kitchen, providing a unique sense of depth. Dark shades also highlight other lighter colors used in the kitchen. Dark countertop laminates paired with white cabinets, for instance, can create an unmistakably contemporary appeal. Dark colored countertops are taking center stage as many residential and commercial property owners are opting for dark colors such as Black Suede, Black Marquina – ALTA Q, Madison, and Dark Somber.

2. Flat Colored Countertops

Many people may not like the idea of having an all dark out kitchen, but still want to add a unique appeal to the setup. In such scenarios, flat colored laminate countertop sheets, such as the Houston, Dust, and Pearl Grey (suede) are ideal options. When selecting a countertop laminate finish, it is important to consider your cooking habits and the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the countertops you consider.

3. High Gloss Countertops

If you do not prefer dark and flat colors, a more suitable alternative is to go for gloss and shining countertops. High gloss countertops can make any space appear more spacious and airy. There is a wide range of gloss and shining countertops to take your pick from, such as Forest Green – Gloss (GLS), Caramel Flower, and Ritzy Marvel. It is, however, important to bear in mind that the maintenance needs of high gloss countertops would be more compared to matt finish ones.

4. Mix and Match

You can also use different laminate countertop sheets of different colours and finishes to create a design that complements the rest of the elements of the kitchen. Greenlam has a large collection of countertop laminates, allowing you to experiment with different styles and designs, and mixing and matching them to suit your aesthetic preferences.

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Wrap Up

Countertop laminates are an ideal choice for kitchen countertops for the various benefits they offer. If you are looking to use kitchen countertop laminates in your project, look no further than Greenlam, one of India’s leading brands dedicated to premium laminate products. For more information on our kitchen laminate countertop sheets, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at