When your kitchen countertops are looking old, outdated, or simply out of style, it’s time to take action and breathe some new life into them. Modernizing your kitchen doesn’t have to involve extensive construction, long installation processes, or heavy expenses. Greenlam kitchen laminate designs offer a high-impact yet easy to install and budget-friendly solution to completely transform your kitchen space. Take your pick from an extensive catalogue of countertop laminates to transform your kitchen without breaking the bank! Crafted for superb durability, our laminates are fit for the highest demands of kitchen work.

What Styles Can You Achieve with Our Laminates?

Our countertop laminates are available in an infinite amount of colors, designs, and finishes. You can even recreate the look of the most luxurious kitchen design materials with our Infinia countertop collection. These laminates are manufactured using the latest technology. Through innovative printing, these countertops capture the full beauty of any material, down to millimetric detail.

Trendy Butcher Block Countertops

Modern kitchens have started to incorporate wood surfaces in creative ways. Butcher Block Countertops are one of the biggest kitchen trends nowadays, but despite being trendy, they are also an element of timeless beauty. Greenlam hardwearing kitchen laminate designs, available in different wood grain patterns, are the ideal material to recreate this look in your home kitchen. Not only do our laminates help you easily get the Butcher Block look, but they will also reduce maintenance needs in your work surfaces.

Grey Vein Stone

Stones have been used as a symbol of luxury and style for kitchen surfaces for many years. The look of natural stone is undoubtedly beautiful, but also comes with a high price tag and maintenance requirements. At Greenlam we have created kitchen laminate designs that provide our clients with the beauty of natural stone, with the functional benefits of the highest-quality laminates. A great alternative to incorporate the stone laminate design is through the use of a white, grey-veined stone laminate. This kitchen countertop style is both neutral and elegant.

Modern Mattes

Are you a fan of the sleek simplicity of modern kitchens or minimalist styles? Greenlam laminates are the perfect tool to bring these styles into your kitchen. Solid matte kitchen laminate designs are the perfect surface solution for both your countertops and your cabinets. The complete resurfacing of your kitchen will result in the contemporary look that’s taken the interior design industry by a storm. Our suggestion is to go for matte grey or black laminates to create an industrial look or matte white laminates to achieve an open and bright space.

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Transform your kitchen with fresh laminate designs!

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