A workplace gifted with elegance and style is not only a joy to work in, but it is also an attraction for customers and visitors. That explains the reason why an increasing number of interior designers and architects are turning to digital laminate sheets – a new trend in laminate design offering creative and artistic surfacing options. If you are looking to introduce some captivating artistic expression into your office decor, digital laminate sheets for wall paneling and furniture would be a good choice. Available in multiple patterns, styles and finishes, these laminates are digitally printed, which gives customers complete freedom to go for any laminate design or concept. Continuing on the subject, we cover all you need to know to transform your workspace using digital laminate sheets for furniture and other surfaces. Read on.

Why invest in Digital Laminates?

Be it a commercial or residential setup, the key reasons to invest in laminate sheets for surfacing requirements are their unparalleled aesthetic appeal and durability. Moreover, they come in countless designs, have a large number of possible applications, and are remarkably easy to maintain. The digital laminates from Greenlam also has a scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial surface, among many other distinctions.

How to Transform Office Spaces

Here are some of the many ways that you can use digital laminate sheet to bring life into your office decor:

Meeting Spaces

Digital laminate sheets from Greenlam present a fresh and impactful way to transform meeting spaces. Lighter-toned laminate sheets with uniform patterns are perfect for transforming walls and tables and creating ideal settings to hold meetings with staff and clients.

Waiting Areas

Your waiting area is not just a place for your customers to sit and wait, it also says a lot about the quality of your operations. That is why it always pays to go with the trending approach of using digital laminates to transform waiting areas into visual spectacles. Choose digital laminate sheets that contrast your waiting area’s color theme or consider our range of glossy laminates.

Front Desk

They say the first impression is the last impression. That stands true for the effect your front desk has on your visitors and customers. The key is again to contrast the laminate color choice with that of the general theme of the space. Most spaces do well with rich wooden laminates such as wood grain suede and wood grain texture, whereas white is often the general color theme.

Uncover New Possibilities with Digital Laminates!

If you are looking to stylize your workspace in a way that not only makes it a refreshing place to work but impressive for clients, look no further than Greenlam’s range of Reflection Bespoke Laminates. Also, explore our complete product range of High Pressure Laminate & Compact Collection. To discuss your requirement or learn more about any of our products, simply call +91 11 4279 1399 or write to us at info@greenlam.com