Residential and commercial spaces feature various large surfaces that need appropriate surfacing materials to attain the desired aesthetics and functionality. These include walls, furniture, wardrobes, and tabletops. Knowing how to work these surfaces to your advantage is vital to achieving the desired aesthetics. You can never go wrong with our range of digital/custom laminates from Greenlam’s Reflection Collection. Not only are digital laminates affordable, but they are also very easy to install and capable of transforming your home.

Digital Laminates And Their Usage In Interior Design

While digital laminates are used primarily as a surfacing material in interior design, they are capable of transforming the look, feel, and utility of spaces. Digital laminates applications are, in a way, limitless.

Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas on digital laminates usage:

Children’s Rooms

Digital laminates present a great way to customize children’s rooms or decorate a nursery. You can use pastel-colored laminates to coat cabinetry or create a statement wall in your baby’s room. Laminates can also work to improve the look of shelves and furniture without spending on brand new pieces your children may outgrow. Greenlam laminates not only provide quality, but they also possess anti-bacterial properties that retard the growth of bacteria on laminate surfaces and keep your kids safe.


Digital laminates are manufactured for strength and durability, making them perfect to incorporate in any kitchen design. You can create a clean modern look on all your kitchen cabinets using laminates. Additionally, laminates that accurately recreate natural materials can be used for wall paneling. You can incorporate digital laminates in many creative ways for a harmonious kitchen look. An added bonus is that laminated surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Furniture And Storage

Instead of getting rid of a worn wardrobe, you can extend its life with digital laminates surfacing. Digital laminate sheets are perfect for a pantry, closet or home office makeover! You can use laminates to renew most vertical surfaces.

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Transform Your Favorite Space With Greenlam Laminates

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