When your walls start looking dull and boring, you can make a statement by giving them a fresh and unique look. Transforming your home interior can be easily accomplished with the use of compact laminate panels. In fact, interior designers frequently use compact laminate sheets in their home transformation projects. In today’s post, we share some amazing ideas to inspire you to transform your interiors using this versatile material.

Bedroom Statement Wall

The bed is the focal point in any bedroom setup. Normally people rely on headboards to make their beds pop, but interior designers are now turning to more creative approaches to highlight this piece of furniture. Statement walls placed directly behind the bed are an easy way to add warmth and style to your bedroom. Compact laminate interior clads are the go-to choice to easily and affordably create stylish wall panels. Some designs you can consider include patterned laminates, high-gloss sheets in neutral tones, and realistic-looking laminate wood.

Eye-catching ceilings

If you love modern styles and want to subtly highlight the beauty of your home, you can try using compact laminates to resurface your ceilings. This design element helps add warmth and a unique touch to any room. Popular trends of this application include all-white walls with wooden laminate ceiling or patterned laminates on the high ceilings of a dining or living room.

Stylish Living-Room Panels

Compact laminate can also help make your living room feel as cosy and inviting. Applying compact laminate panels on your walls instantly adds warmth and style to any living spaces. You can also use them to create single statement walls or completely resurface your entire living room. Our stylish laminate designs are sure to improve the look of your entertainment.

Revamp Your Entryway

Your home’s entryway is a key space in its overall interior decor. It is the first space guests see when they enter your home and establishes the tone and style for the rest of the house. You can mount compact laminates to create 3-D designs for a modern look or opt for sleek, clean or glossy panels. Either way, using panels that match your home’s colour palette and decor style will help you create a unified look throughout your home.

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Bottom Line

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