HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. It is a surface material that is made by bonding resins and kraft paper or decorative support paper under high pressure and heat.
HPL is a paper product. The high quality decorative or kraft paper is impregnated with resins before going through a process of bonding to produce HPL sheets.
Phenol Formaldehyde resins are used on Kraft Paper while Melamine Formaldehyde resins are used on décor Paper to manufacture HPL sheets.
The standard Greenlam HPL sheet measures 4’x8’ (in Feet)
Greenlam laminates are available in a thickness of 1.00mm/1.5mm
Laminates can be used on a wide range of applications for your interiors on vertical surfaces/horizontal surfaces – (wardrobes), wall panel, Coffee table, dining table ,kitchen shutters etc.
Yes, as a standard offering, all Greenlam laminates & Compacts produced are 99.99% Anti-Bacterial laminate at no extra price premium.
Greenlam laminate is designed to withstand a certain level of UV exposure equivalent to that encountered during indoor use. For outdoor use, we offer a thicker HPL Compact, which is designed and tested to withstand the combined effects of UV radiation and weather conditions and the range of exterior compact is known as Greenlam Clads –Exterior Grade Compact Laminate.
Contrary to what most people believe, laminate and mica are one and the same thing. Mica is short for Sunmica, which, in India, is a term used interchangeably with laminate and high pressure laminate.
HPL can be cleaned with common household cleaning products, and water and soap. For grease stains, use a degreaser such as acetone, or paint solvents.
Greenlam gives a warranty of 10 years on laminates against manufacturing defects only. However, with proper installation and care, our premium quality laminate can last for decades+
Yes. Greenlam laminate is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified. This means they are compliant with set standards when it comes to emission limits covering TVOC, Formaldehyde, Total Aldehydes, Phenylcyclohexene, Particle Matter less than 10 µm, Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, and Individual VOCs.
You may visit our website: www.greenlam.com under https://www.greenlam.com/india/architects-designers/laminates/hpl ; You may also download Greenlam - Colourama App from IOS/Android.
Greenlam offers a 10 years warranty on laminates in its catalogue. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, which gives buyers the much-needed peace of mind.
Arrange for a callback from the sales rep at Greenlam to get more info on dealers near you that supply our range of laminates. We have dealers in every part of the country.
To see the entire range of Greenlam, refer to our website: www.greenlam.com
This is a 3 in 1 advantage product with an added benefit to customers in safe-guarding health & hygiene by providing protection not only from viruses but also from bacteria and fungus.
The Greenlam Antivirus surfaces prevent proliferation of virus by inhibiting the activity of respiratory enzymes and interfering with the functions of RNA/DNA in the virus.
As per the test report virus gets 99.99% retarded in 24 hours of contact
Yes. The product has been carefully designed to exhibit all the three properties.
The properties remain intact for the lifetime of the product irrespective of number of times the surface is cleaned or wiped. Because, the active ingredients are thermoset and cured with the resin system.
Entire range of Greenlam 1.0 & 1.50mm laminate , Greenlam Sturdo ( Restroom cubicle and locker) & Greenlam Compact comes with Antivirus, Antibacterial & Antifungal attributes
The antivirus, antibacterial, & antifungal activity can be compromised by product abuse, as well as direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures
The challenge was to control the VOCs and Formaldehyde emissions to remain within the limits of Greenguard Gold standards in the final product. The product design ensures conformance of these.
Product warranty remains the same for all the laminates in Greenlam’s catalogue. All our laminates come with a 10-year warranty.
The existing cleaning and maintenance norms hold good. There is no difference.
As per the test report SARS Cov-2 virus gets more than 99% retarded after 45 mins of the contact
The antivirus property and performance of Greenlam’s laminates remain same for the life of the product. It can only be compromised by product abuse and direct exposure to extreme temperatures.
The additives are not surface coatings. That means they do not cause leaching or putrification of food items. They can safely be used on surfaces that come into contact with food, such as in the kitchen.
The test standard is ISO 21702:2019, the international method for evaluating the antivirus efficacy of surfacing materials.
All the additives used in the laminates are from US EPA (United States of America Environment Protection Agency) list of approved chemicals for antivirus and antimicrobial activity. These are also certified by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India against the said purpose.
Laminate has a non-porous, non-reactive surface. It is neutral and does not react with common chemicals mentioned in various groups of applicable EN and BIS standards.